The “Ultimate Organic Fertilizer”…. Chicken Manure. Chicken manure is “The HIGHEST nutrient dense animal manure!” It is high in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and SO MANY other elements.

WE NO LONGER SELL IT MIXED and ONLY sell it PURE. We have it fresh and also slightly aged is available. Of course the fresher the better as not too much of the Amonium Nitrate has dissipated to the air which is what the plants need.

It is available by:

  • THE BAG (approx 40L)
  • By the scoop (1 large scoop from our tractor will heap up a 6’x4′ trailer)
  • 2 or more scoops (after the first scoop, every other scoop is half price)
  • Bulk  (10 or more scoops)


If purchasing by the scoop, or large quantities please call before you drop by to make sure we have the tractor available to load for you.


We DO NOT have a delivery service available.

Please also be aware, if it has been raining, we may not be able to load for you ensure you call to avoid disappointment.